The restoration of the scrovegni chapel in padua

Nearly ten years have actually passed since the conclusion of the repair functions that have actually lost brand-new light on the remarkable Scrovegni Chapel, in Padua, one of the most exceptional examples of the abilities as well as modernity of Giotto. Thanks to this idea, on the 25th of March, wedding anniversary of the hallowing of the Chapel to the Virgin of the Annunciation, the light entering with the home window as well as brightening the image of Christ is shown as well as brightens likewise the photo of Enrico Scrovegni, i. the person that commissioned the work. Yet the importance of the work does not just originate from these details that the reconstruction has actually brought to light: it also originates from the reality that it has highlighted making use of colour and of the “marmorino” method that Giotto utilized to enhance the church. Furthermore, remediation works have actually been accompanied by the production of a specific website, of a data source committed to the Chapel as well as of an electronic documentation, in order to give everybody the possibility to explore the matter and also to comprehend the relevance and also the purposes of the repair works.