First confederate national flag

The very first Confederate Flag that was authorities was based upon the U. S flag. In an upper corner a blue box had around 7 which stood for the seven states which made the entire of the confederacy when it was designed. During the first battle, the confederate leaders had the ability to uncover the bars and celebrities that birthed too comparable, this was a similarity to the red stripes and also the stars. T, to regulate a hideaway given that he mistakenly thought of getting to a confederate reinforcements would be the union soldiers. When his proposal obtained rejected, he advised having a separate flag for the fight. The Confederate Flag was square of 48 inches for the infantry, 30 for the Calvary as well as 36 inches for the artillery. It was first brought in the fight in December year 1861, though it was the flag of the Northern Virginia which was generally utilized in the Eastern Theater compared to the western, where the initial confederate national flag was taken into use in the entire year. During the springtime of 1863, the confederate congress approved a brand-new style. This type of a version of the flag curtained the casket of the confederate lieutenant basic Thomas Stonewall Jackson. To remove the opportunity of flag being mistaken for a flag of Truce, a vertical, broad red bar was contributed to the front edge of the second Confederate Flag.